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Alexis Seigneurin

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Big Data Engineer & Managing Consultant - I work with Spark, Kafka and Cassandra. My preferred language is Scala!

DevFest DC Washington DC

A team of five Ipponites hungry for knowledge descended upon a bustling Capital One for DevFest DC 2016 – A two day Google Developer Group Washington DC Event consisting of over 600 attendees. There were three educational tracks to talk Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, & Design featuring speakers from domestic and

Intro to MapReduce operations with Spark

In the previous post, we used the Map operation which allows us to transform values with a transformation function. We will now explore the Reduce operation which produces aggregates. Thus, we will work in MapReduce just like we do with Hadoop. Theory With Spark, just like Hadoop, a Reduce operation

Introduction to Apache Spark

Spark is a tool intended to process large volumes of data in a distributed fashion (cluster computing). Programming in Spark is simpler than in Hadoop, and Spark speeds up execution time by a factor of up to 100. Spark has a lot of momentum (almost as much as Docker) and