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Why We Code

It was that time of year again -- sitting around the table with extended family, enjoying an assortment of homemade goodies. With the polite conversation and well tempered jokes, there's a series of questions one grows to expect. "How have you been?", "How's work?", or for the more distant family,

Increasing the performance of your Web Application!

Recently, Tatami received a massive overhaul thanks to our partnership with VCU and their team of senior computer science students. Though the app worked beautifully, there were inefficiencies that needed to be addressed. Being halfway through transitioning from Backbone to Angular JS meant that there was more bloat than acceptable–

Java's First Vicennial Anniversary!

In 1995, a new way of programming was born. James Gosling, working for Sun Systems, had done as all great inventors do– he tried something completely new. Originally he called it Oak, but it wasn’t long until it became Java. Though certainly not the Java we know today, it

Ippon Loves Richmond!

When Ippon first decided to come to America, we knew we would have to move to a location that inspires us; A city big enough to be the heart of an industry, yet small enough to harbor deep, thriving interpersonal connections that would shape our culture and our mindset for