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Why We Code

It was that time of year again -- sitting around the table with extended family,…
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Apr 17,2017

Thought Leadership at Ippon

One of the best parts about being an engineer at Ippon is the investment that…
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Feb 01,2017

Stone Soup - The Perspective of a Consultant

A few months ago, Ippon started a book club. Each month, we choose a book…
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Jan 09,2017

Life at Ippon USA in 2016: A New Employee Perspective

This blog post is aimed towards anyone who would like to know how the company…
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Jan 04,2017

Adventures at Ippon

It has been two years now since I have joined Ippon, and I thought it…
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Dec 22,2016

On-boarding… a developer’s tale

I recently moved onto a new project that had already completed several of the first…
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Dec 16,2016

Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York - Another Perspective

I was lucky enough to attend the Strata Hadoop World conference alongside Alexis Seigneurin, who…
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Oct 19,2016

Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York

Strata+Hadoop World is probably the most important conference about Data Science and Data Engineering.…
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Oct 06,2016

DevFest DC Washington DC

A team of five Ipponites hungry for knowledge descended upon a bustling Capital One for…
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Oct 04,2016

Pokemon Go and Hipchat: A 5 minute tutorial on building a Java -based Hipchat plugin.

Hipchat API While Atlassian offers great tutorials and quick set ups for making a plugin,…
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Jun 28,2016