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Technical Agile Coach - I teach XP practices by being part of an Agile delivery team.

A roadmap to TDD adoption

You've heard all about how Test Driven Development (TDD) will solve all your problems on a software project. Your defects go away, your time to market decreases, customer satisfaction goes through the roof. Everything is supposed to be awesome if your team just did TDD. However every time you try

Combatting software rot

Software rot describes the decay at which a software project deteriorates over time. This can be experienced in various ways: reduced performance, increase in bugs and increased difficulty at pushing out new features. A multitude of project failures can be attributed to software rot. If you’ve been a professional

Starting an Agile project

When implementing agile there is a lot of focus on reorganizing the teams into feature teams, implementing practices such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, incorporating automated unit tests and regression tests… There isn’t much focus on the Product Owner, we assume that he will present User Stories that

Git: Recovering a lost stash

While using Git you'll probably end up using stash a lot, and if you do you'll probably end up losing a stash by mistake. Fear not, Git has ways of recovering lost stashes, or commits. For demonstration purposes, let's lose a stash. First, I'll show some work in progress so

Stabilizing your velocity

The velocity is the cumulative value, in story points, that a team has accomplished during a sprint. In an experienced team, this velocity will be stable and can easily be used to forecast a release. Take a look at this example chart: ![Stable velocity chart](

Agile communication: becoming congruent

Original Author: Florence Herrou [![Emperor Drawing](]( Drawing ** ** The last monthly meeting of Agile Nantes  (presented by Agile Garden) was titled The  Emperor’s New Clothes