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Dennis Sharpe

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I am a software architect with over 20 years experience leading, designing and coding software applications. I have experience in many different industries and I love craft beer and board games.

First Coding Dojo for Ippon USA

![This is how we got started]( is how we got started What is a coding dojo? All our engineers hung out at the Power Plant and worked on a project together for a day. From the

JHipster Demo

Dennis Sharpe (Ippon USA) demos the power of JHipster. JHipster enables the rapid development of modern responsive applications by unifying AngularJS, Bootstrap and Spring Boot.

Integrating Jahia and JHipster 2

Introduction The purpose of this article is to discuss and demonstrate one design pattern for integrating Jahia (CMS) with a JHipster application. Problem Statement The customer needs to be able to create content for their website but the website is currently a single page application. The customer wants to be