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Authors: Mathieu Abou-Aichi and Carl Klagba We are going to see what JHipster-UML is, why we created it, what’s its use and how to use it. JHipster,  created by Julien Dubois, is a Yeoman generator of Spring + AngularJS apps. With it, you can create an application that is ready

Spark, Storm and Spring XD - A Comparison

Big Data is one of the industry’s new frontiers.  Organizations have applied batch intelligence against larger and larger amounts of data; much of which is unstructured and previously thought to be throwaway (log files fit this category).  But an application that uses logs in an intelligent way can do

Docker & Vagrant Introductions

The following post takes a look at two virtualization technologies; where they came from, their role in the current Development and DevOps world and where they might be going. Virtualization Previously Before we really dive in to either Docker or Vagrant, we should talk briefly about virtualization.  The earliest traces

Java 8 - Time Management

By Pierre Templier – @ptemplier Java 8 includes a brand new time management API named java.time that was specified by the JSR 310 and implemented by the threeten project. There are three time management APIs in Java 8: java.util.Date (since jdk 1.0) java.util.Calendar (since jdk