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Ippon Loves Richmond!

Feb 16, 2015

When Ippon first decided to come to America, we knew we would have to move to a location that inspires us; A city big enough to be the heart of an industry, yet small enough to harbor deep, thriving interpersonal connections that would shape our culture and our mindset for years to come. When given a choice between the productivity of a metropolis and the intimacy of a small town, we decided to sacrifice neither. Here at Ippon, we celebrate individuality alongside intellectual endeavors, not because they are equally important but because they cannot be held mutually exclusive. It is our curiosity that leads us, and our research that makes us more curious.

"The History of Richmond reminds us, as we progress forward, that we are one step in a ladder, one link in a chain that reaches into the unknown."

Dennis Sharpe - Ippon USA

"For a city that feels relatively small, it is incredibly lively and social. Richmond makes every person count and gives everyone a chance to contribute, be it with their code, their music, their art or their food. Whatever their specialty, Richmond celebrates that every individual is special."

Sarah Zampolin - Ippon USA

Richmond has its mind on progress and its heart in its rich history, which led Ippon to want to call Richmond home. Richmond is balanced in such a way that it harbors innovation without abstracting the ideas from the personalities that created them; We recognize that the people who create ideas and the passions that drive them are as important as the research they do. VCU is a prime example of this process of individualistic ingenuity, and we are proud to say that we interact with them to both learn from them and to give them an opportunity to shine through our Senior Design Project sponsorships (VCU Arts project and Tatami upgrade).

Even our location was decided on the principle that there is a certain advantage in the unorthodox. Instead of renting out the latest glass box skyscraper on the block, we decided to pay homage to Richmond's history by redecorating and designing our workspace at the Power Plant at Lucky Strike, 2700 East Cary Street. Previously, this building powered Richmond with coal; now we at Ippon seek to power Richmond with Java.

So when you see us on the streets, walking to the nearest Farm Fresh for our Friday lunch or visiting our friends at VCU, feel free to say hello. After all, it's the people we meet here that spark our innovation and our passion for what we do.


Post by Justin Risch
Feb 16, 2015 9:28:00 AM


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