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Basics of Apache Nifi: 2

On our previous video on the basics of Nifi, we covered a brief definition of…
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Nov 15,2017

Data Extrapolation: Learning From Your Big Data

The first step in answering any Big Data-oriented question is to simply obtain the data.…
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Jun 08,2017

MongoDB and Apache Spark - Getting started tutorial

MongoDB and Apache Spark are two popular Big Data technologies. In my previous post, I…
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May 03,2017

Basics of Apache Nifi: 1

In our previous article on Nifi, we discussed the history, architecture, and features of Apache…
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Apr 25,2017

Streaming With Scala: The Nuance of Real-Time Twitter Data

At Ippon Technologies USA, we're lucky enough to have "Coding Dojos" every 2-4…
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Mar 08,2017

Pokemon GO: A Big Data Learning Opportunity

Nick Peterson and Justin Risch have begun to study Big Data, Spark, Hadoop, and the…
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Feb 16,2017

Why NiFi?

In this day and age we are living in, it is not a luxury to…
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Jan 26,2017

Kafka Streams - Scaling up or down

Kafka Streams is a new component of the Kafka platform. It is a lightweight library…
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Oct 07,2016

Spark - Calling Scala code from PySpark

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to consume a Kafka topic using Spark in…
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Sep 12,2016

Apache Spark Datasets

With a Spark 2.0 release imminent, the previously experimental Datasets API will be a…
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Jun 15,2016

Spark & Kafka - Achieving zero data-loss

Kafka and Spark Streaming are two technologies that fit well together. Both are distributed systems…
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May 12,2016

A tour of Databricks Community Edition: a hosted Spark service

With the recent announcement of the Community Edition, it’s time to have a look…
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Apr 13,2016

Kafka, Spark and Avro - Part 3 of 3, Producing and consuming Avro messages

This post is the third and last post in a series in which we learn…
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Apr 06,2016

Testing strategy for Spark Streaming - Part 2 of 2

In a previous post, we’ve seen why it’s important to test your Spark…
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Mar 30,2016

Kafka, Spark and Avro - Part 2 of 3, Consuming Kafka messages with Spark

This post is the second post in a series in which we will learn how…
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Mar 23,2016