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Docker and permission management

This article is part of a series of three posts about Docker: Docker and permission…
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Feb 02,2018

GoCD with JHipster

A colleague recently introduced me to GoCD and explained some of its benefits and why…
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Jan 08,2018

Docker Swarm on AWS using Chef

Synopsis While there are many ways to initialize and configure a Docker Swarm on AWS…
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May 01,2017

Please welcome Docker 1.13

On January 19th, version 1.13 of Docker was released! As with every minor version…
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Feb 05,2017

AWS re:Invent 2016

re:Invent is Amazon Web Services’s yearly conference. As usual, it was held at…
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Dec 16,2016

Using Docker to simplify Cassandra development in JHipster

JHipster is an open source project that generates a fully working application in seconds. With…
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Jun 27,2016

Docker Engine 1.11: Understanding Runc

The release of Docker 1.11 is the first time that the Docker Engine is…
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Jun 16,2016

Docker & Vagrant Introductions

The following post takes a look at two virtualization technologies; where they came from, their…
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Oct 08,2014