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Internship in Paris

I was absolutely elated when Ippon asked if I would like to do my summer…
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Jul 24,2017

Going Green -- Your Office Matters

Most office-workers will spend the majority of their adult life in the office -- about…
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May 26,2017

Taking Flight with DiSC: Ippon Technologies invests in people, culture, and clients

The following article is written by guest blogger Theresa Moore, an experienced and passionate business…
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Apr 18,2017

Streaming With Scala: The Nuance of Real-Time Twitter Data

At Ippon Technologies USA, we're lucky enough to have "Coding Dojos" every 2-4…
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Mar 08,2017

Life at Ippon USA in 2016: A New Employee Perspective

This blog post is aimed towards anyone who would like to know how the company…
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Jan 04,2017

Adventures at Ippon

It has been two years now since I have joined Ippon, and I thought it…
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Dec 22,2016