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VCU and Ippon released Tatami 4.0 (AngularJS conversion)

Apr 16, 2015

We are excited to announce that our 4.0 AngularJS version of Tatami is live! For those of you unfamiliar, Tatami is our in-house, open source web application that allows businesses to have their own, internal social network designed for collaboration, communication, and team building. Besides hosting your own Tatami server for free, you may also access our SaaS install through our website to give it a test drive.

The team behind this extensive update is made of 3 VCU students and 3 Ippon Mentors who helped in various ways.

VCU Students

  • Kenneth Hegeland
  • Jeremy Narron
  • Kameron Spruill

Thanks again to our @VCUENGR Students for doing such a great job with #tatami via @VCU #LetsGoVCU #angularjs #Java

— Ippon USA (@IpponUSA) April 29, 2015

Ippon Mentors

  • Romain Lheritier (Product Owner)
  • Justin Risch (Team lead)
  • Ben Scott (Scrum Master)

Kameron, Kenneth, Jeremy and… us. @VCUENGR Tatami senior design project!

— Ippon USA (@IpponUSA) April 23, 2015

This massive update to Tatami fixed a plethora of small bugs and made the overall project better suit our vision, giving the UI a brand new look and feel. As well, we managed to meet the deadline to upgrade to OpenID Connect, and our users may continue to log in via the Google App!

Most importantly for our contributors, we have completely redone the front-end of Tatami. Now, we work on the incredibly popular framework, Angular JS. This will offer contributors on our github a chance to gain experience in one of the fastest growing technologies available for web development. As always, our Tatami project has two goals– both to be an excellent service to its users and a wonderful learning tool for developers. With plans to further collaborate with VCU students, we are excited to see more of the best that VCU has to offer!

Post by Justin Risch
April 16, 2015