Service Oriented Network Security - AWS Security Group Design

Amazon Web Services is capable of providing the infrastructure to run all of your applications…
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Aug 23,2016

You can be happier!

If you ask someone what their goals for their life are, you’ll get a…
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Jul 25,2016

Pokemon Go and Hipchat: A 5 minute tutorial on building a Java -based Hipchat plugin.

Hipchat API While Atlassian offers great tutorials and quick set ups for making a plugin,…
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Jun 28,2016

Using Docker to simplify Cassandra development in JHipster

JHipster is an open source project that generates a fully working application in seconds. With…
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Jun 27,2016

What is your artifact?

Build & Deploy The release management process is the process of getting the new version…
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Jun 20,2016

Docker Engine 1.11: Understanding Runc

The release of Docker 1.11 is the first time that the Docker Engine is…
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Jun 16,2016

Apache Spark Datasets

With a Spark 2.0 release imminent, the previously experimental Datasets API will be a…
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Jun 15,2016

SBT - simple build tool for Scala projects

SBT is the favorite build tool for Scala developers, it is used by the Play…
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Jun 01,2016

Spark & Kafka - Achieving zero data-loss

Kafka and Spark Streaming are two technologies that fit well together. Both are distributed systems…
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May 12,2016

Combatting software rot

Software rot describes the decay at which a software project deteriorates over time. This can…
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Apr 20,2016

Reusing old Algorithms: Can your solution solve more?

As I outlined in the latter half of my last blog post, there’s a…
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Apr 19,2016

Learning TypeScript

Following the release of Angular 2 Beta, like many other front-end developers currently using AngularJS,…
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Apr 14,2016

A tour of Databricks Community Edition: a hosted Spark service

With the recent announcement of the Community Edition, it’s time to have a look…
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Apr 13,2016

Kafka, Spark and Avro - Part 3 of 3, Producing and consuming Avro messages

This post is the third and last post in a series in which we learn…
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Apr 06,2016

Testing strategy for Spark Streaming - Part 2 of 2

In a previous post, we’ve seen why it’s important to test your Spark…
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Mar 30,2016