Adventures at Ippon

It has been two years now since I have joined Ippon, and I thought it…
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Dec 22,2016

Angular 2, system.js and webpack

Angular2’s tutorials and quick start use SystemJS to load your app. I have often…
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Dec 16,2016

On-boarding… a developer’s tale

I recently moved onto a new project that had already completed several of the first…
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Dec 16,2016

AWS re:Invent 2016

re:Invent is Amazon Web Services’s yearly conference. As usual, it was held at…
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Dec 16,2016

Global Mentor Week Success

We just wrapped up Global Mentor Week with Docker in Richmond, VA! Docker enthusiasts huddled…
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Nov 21,2016

Richmonds 5th annual rvatech/women Conference

This year I had the pleasure of attending the 5th rvatech/women conference (previously called…
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Oct 25,2016

Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York - Another Perspective

I was lucky enough to attend the Strata Hadoop World conference alongside Alexis Seigneurin, who…
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Oct 19,2016

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline

Integration & Delivery Jenkins is the favorite Continuous Integration platform for developers. Continuous Integration, at…
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Oct 14,2016

Kafka Streams - Scaling up or down

Kafka Streams is a new component of the Kafka platform. It is a lightweight library…
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Oct 07,2016

Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York

Strata+Hadoop World is probably the most important conference about Data Science and Data Engineering.…
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Oct 06,2016

DevFest DC Washington DC

A team of five Ipponites hungry for knowledge descended upon a bustling Capital One for…
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Oct 04,2016

Ippon: The Dark Horse at the Corporate Games

(co-written by Nicholas Peterson) The Richmond Corporate Games kicked off last weekend in an effort…
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Sep 30,2016

Spark - Calling Scala code from PySpark

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to consume a Kafka topic using Spark in…
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Sep 12,2016

Java Hipster ☆ Gets Dirty: Julien Dubois, one night from Paris - Oct 11th in DC

Ippon Technologies will host a JHipster coding session on October, 11th, at our Washington, DC…
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Sep 06,2016

Service Oriented Network Security - AWS Security Group Design

Amazon Web Services is capable of providing the infrastructure to run all of your applications…
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Aug 23,2016