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Infrastructure as Code with CloudFormation

CloudFormation is an Amazon Web Service that allows users to manage and provision AWS resources…
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Mar 22,2017

Announcing Ippon USA's first highlight: DevOps!

Our expert technologists are working to produce articles and events to shine a new light…
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Mar 14,2017

AWS re:Invent 2016

re:Invent is Amazon Web Services’s yearly conference. As usual, it was held at…
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Dec 16,2016

Service Oriented Network Security - AWS Security Group Design

Amazon Web Services is capable of providing the infrastructure to run all of your applications…
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Aug 23,2016

What is your artifact?

Build & Deploy The release management process is the process of getting the new version…
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Jun 20,2016

Using Apache Spark to do Basic Statistics

In a previous blog, examples were given about the basic API functions that the Apache…
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Feb 17,2016