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GoCD with JHipster

A colleague recently introduced me to GoCD and explained some of its benefits and why…
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Jan 08,2018

Tinkering for Non-Developers Part 2: Creating an Application

Fresh off the high of my successes in Part 1, where I successfully set up…
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Nov 22,2017

Tinkering for Non-Developers Part 1: Set Up Development Environment

On development teams, there are a lot of basic concepts we talk about like setting…
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Nov 10,2017

Summer of Blockchain: Decentralization Deep Dive at Ippon

Inception You may have heard some buzz lately about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and the growing…
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Oct 17,2017

Implementing Selenium Tests Into Your JHipster Application

Implementing automated web browser tests can sound intimidating at first, but the ease with which…
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Sep 22,2017

Spring 5 WebFlux: Performance tests

Spring 5 introduces a new model for reactive programming by incorporating the Spring reactive initiative, based on the Project Reactor. But does it do the job?…
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Jul 31,2017

Use of JHipster in Organizations

Introduction With ever-changing business needs in organizations, IT departments are tasked with delivering high-quality software…
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Jul 17,2017

Get Your Head in the Clouds

There is a massive shift in mentality surrounding deployment and system maintenance. With cloud services…
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Jul 06,2017

Introduction to Continuous Integration with JHipster

Introduction This is an introduction for users unfamiliar with applied Continuous Integration (CI). You may…
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May 05,2017

Let me introduce you to someone...JHipster!

Maybe you've never met JHipster. Or maybe you know who he is, but would like…
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Apr 24,2017

Hosting a Workshop at DevNexus 2017

Last week Matt Raible (@mraible) and I hosted an all-day workshop on JHipster 4 at…
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Mar 03,2017

API management with JHipster

Introduction API management is a hot topic today with many company acquisitions, like Layer 7…
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Feb 27,2017

JHipster 4

A new version of JHipster was recently released, and the changes take the existing JHipster…
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Feb 07,2017

Adventures at Ippon

It has been two years now since I have joined Ippon, and I thought it…
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Dec 22,2016

Java Hipster ☆ Gets Dirty: Julien Dubois, one night from Paris - Oct 11th in DC

Ippon Technologies will host a JHipster coding session on October, 11th, at our Washington, DC…
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Sep 06,2016