Java Hipster ☆ Gets Dirty: Julien Dubois, one night from Paris - Oct 11th in DC

Ippon Technologies will host a JHipster coding session on October, 11th, at our Washington, DC offices.

JHipster ( ) is currently the most popular Java project generator: it has been installed nearly 300,000 times, has hundreds of companies using it (a partial list is at ), and has some impressive stats on GitHub: nearly 5,000 stars, 240 contributors…

The goals of this event is to to:

  • help people to get started with the project,
  • code some new features,
  • correct bugs,
  • and share ideas on what the next release of JHipster should include!

It will be organized by Julien Dubois, Chief Innovation Officer at Ippon Technologies, who is also the creator and lead developer of JHipster.

Please register for the event on the following form:

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