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Snowflake Summit 2023 Replay - Generative AI's Impact on Enterprise Data Innovation

Generative AI's Impact on Enterprise Data Innovation

In this fireside chat, Jensen Huang - Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, and Frank Slootman - Chairman and CEO of Snowflake, discuss trends in Generative AI and accelerated computing.

Announcements and Key Takeaways:

  1. NVIDIA and Snowflake Team Up
    NVIDIA and Snowflake just announced a massive expansion to their already existing partnership. Now, teams can use NVIDIA's AI Platform on Snowflake so companies can securely build their own custom Large Language Models (LLMs) using their proprietary data in the Snowflake Data Cloud. We're bringing the world's best compute engine to the world's most valuable data.

  2. Why has AI taken off so rapidly? Is it warranted?
    As Jensen said, "This is the biggest computer revolution we’ve ever seen." In part, he says, it's because we first had a computer that writes software itself, and now, we have computers that can write software for other computers by itself. It also has led to the easiest application to use in computing because it is so smart. You can connect AI to almost anything. Frank notes that there has been a strenuous relationship with data. We've all struggled to build a relationship with data that is natural, productive, and insightful. Can AI bridge that gap? Frank and Jensen certainly seem to think so.

  3. AI will revitalize Customer Support Organizations
    All data gets collected --> In the vein of this presentation, in Snowflake. Currently, it isn't easy to pull answers from that data quickly and efficiently. Imagine a world where you can place a Large Language Model (LLM) in front of your customer support agents, and they can interact with it using human language, and it will talk back to you. You can thus turn your customer service data into a customer service application.

  4. Everybody is going to be an application developer
    All of the advancements in AI are leading to a revolution in the software development landscape. Using AI, we won't just be writing software anymore. We'll be writing applications. We will all be connecting our prompts, context, and Python commands to LLMs or the corporate database. The constant is that your data still needs to be fine-tuned.

  5. Where do you expect that customers will get the most value from AI quickly?
    Most quickly: Ultimate democratization of data, augmented querying leading to more people interacting with the data you already have.
    Most value: Revitalizing business models to solve problems that have never been solved before.


AI is at the forefront of many technical advancements in this day and age. I hope this short summary piqued your interest. Stay tuned with me this week as we go through more of the cool new stuff Snowflake has coming for us.

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Post by Pooja Krishnan
July 1, 2023