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Agile Project Development

A real world example on how to build an application layer by layer, using Scrum, simple design and emergent architecture.…
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Jan 23,2018

AgileDC 2017 - Agile Rises Above the Scrum

I attended the AgileDC conference this year for the first time and it was a…
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Oct 19,2017

Introduction to Continuous Integration with JHipster

Introduction This is an introduction for users unfamiliar with applied Continuous Integration (CI). You may…
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May 05,2017

On-boarding… a developer’s tale

I recently moved onto a new project that had already completed several of the first…
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Dec 16,2016

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline

Integration & Delivery Jenkins is the favorite Continuous Integration platform for developers. Continuous Integration, at…
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Oct 14,2016

What is your artifact?

Build & Deploy The release management process is the process of getting the new version…
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Jun 20,2016

Combatting software rot

Software rot describes the decay at which a software project deteriorates over time. This can…
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Apr 20,2016

Starting an Agile project

When implementing agile there is a lot of focus on reorganizing the teams into feature…
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Sep 22,2015

Stabilizing your velocity

The velocity is the cumulative value, in story points, that a team has accomplished during…
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Apr 15,2015

Agile communication: becoming congruent

Original Author: Florence Herrou [![Emperor Drawing](…
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Apr 09,2015