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Java Hipster ☆ Gets Dirty: Julien Dubois, one night from Paris - Oct 11th in DC

Ippon Technologies will host a JHipster coding session on October, 11th, at our Washington, DC…
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Sep 06,2016

JHipster 3.0: Introducing Microservices

The soon to be released version of JHipster introduces a new architectural approach. In previous…
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Mar 17,2016

JHipster: Streamlining the Hackathon Experience

For most 24 hour Hackathons, the work starts a week or two prior to the…
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Jan 13,2016

NationJS Roundup

Recently we had the opportunity to attend NationJS, a Mid-Atlantic JavaScript conference held in Silver…
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Nov 24,2015

10 Tips and tricks for Cassandra

This is the 3rd article on this series on using Cassandra with JHipster, you can…
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Apr 23,2015

Modeling data with Cassandra: what CQL hides away from you

Introduction This is the second part of a 3-part introductory series on using JHipster with…
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Apr 22,2015

Using Cassandra with JHipster

Introduction This is the first part of an introductory series on using JHipster with Cassandra:…
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Apr 21,2015

Integrating Jahia and JHipster 2

Introduction The purpose of this article is to discuss and demonstrate one design pattern for…
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Feb 09,2015