5 laws every developer should know

Laws - or principles - can give us guidance and teach us lessons from our…
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Aug 17,2017

Monolithic to Microservice: Consistency in Distributed Systems

Ah, technical debt. There’s something to be said for throwing scalability to the wind…
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Aug 11,2017

Azure Automation: Leveraging Runbooks

I've had the opportunity to build a platform to ingest 3rd party data from multiple…
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Aug 07,2017

Spring 5 WebFlux: Performance tests

The Java world has great expectations for reactive programming. According to the manifesto, it enables…
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Jul 31,2017

Internship in Paris

I was absolutely elated when Ippon asked if I would like to do my summer…
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Jul 24,2017

AngularJS to Angular2(V4): A basic example

To avoid confusion, I will be referring to AngularJS as AngularJS and Angular as Angular2.…
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Jul 20,2017

Use of JHipster in Organizations

Introduction With ever-changing business needs in organizations, IT departments are tasked with delivering high-quality software…
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Jul 17,2017

Reactive Data Using Angular and RxJS

The web has become reactive. Web applications are being packed with more API calls and…
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Jul 12,2017

Get Your Head in the Clouds

There is a massive shift in mentality surrounding deployment and system maintenance. With cloud services…
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Jul 06,2017

Performance Tweaking Apache Spark

Apache Spark Streaming applications need to be monitored frequently to be certain that they are…
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Jun 26,2017

Welcome Wayne Huggins: A Perfect Fit

Preferred job qualifications for Ippon Technologies USA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Director: be Wayne Huggins. Finding…
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Jun 15,2017

Data Extrapolation: Learning From Your Big Data

The first step in answering any Big Data-oriented question is to simply obtain the data.…
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Jun 08,2017

Insure Your Digital Strategy with 2020 Vision

As we approach the year 2020, there are a few important technology trends that are…
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Jun 01,2017

Going Green -- Your Office Matters

Most office-workers will spend the majority of their adult life in the office -- about…
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May 26,2017

Incrementally loaded Parquet files

In this post, I explore how you can leverage Parquet when you need to load…
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May 17,2017