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AWS MAP - Who is it for? Do you need it?

Published August 3, 2023

Are you a business owner or executive responsible for overseeing an IT infrastructure? Are you considering migrating part or all of your on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud? When seeking assistance for this crucial decision, you will likely encounter numerous organizations and products willing to offer their services, albeit for a fee. However, determining the likelihood of successful migration and identifying trustworthy partners in this field can be challenging.

Amazon Web Services Migration Acceleration Program

The migration of your on-premise infrastructure and applications to the cloud is a substantial endeavor. The process entails navigating an almost infinite complexity, given that each organization approaching cloud migration possesses unique "domain" knowledge and methodologies. The most adept companies facilitating successful migrations are those with extensive experience in numerous migration projects. Remarkably, the company ideally positioned to guide you on this journey is none other than Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS offers the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), a comprehensive and proven cloud migration initiative based on AWS's extensive experience migrating numerous enterprise customers to the cloud. It's crucial to note that MAP doesn't imply that AWS will conduct the migration on your behalf. Instead, they collaborate with exceptional organizations from their "AWS Partner Network." Ippon Technologies is a distinguished partner in this regard, being an Advanced AWS Partner, an esteemed member of the AWS MAP program, and an AWS Migration Competency Partner. You can find more information about Ippon Technologies as an Advanced AWS Partner on their website.

Who Is This For?

If your organization aligns with the aforementioned scenario or you have already transitioned partially or entirely to the cloud, you can still avail yourself of the benefits of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). Apart from facilitating cloud migration, MAP partners are adept at undertaking modernization initiatives. Often, during cloud migration, organizations opt for a "lift and shift" approach, which enables them to migrate to the cloud swiftly. However, to truly maximize Return on Investment and cost reduction, application modernization becomes imperative.

Modernization efforts can be seamlessly integrated with the migration process as part of the AWS MAP program. This well-defined process is designed to meet organizations at their current stage of migration readiness. To gain insights into the three steps of migration, namely Assess, Mobilize, Migrate, and Modernize, you can refer to the link provided: AWS MAP Migration Steps.

Ultimately, whether your infrastructure is entirely on-premises, already in the cloud, or you simply seek to fine-tune your cloud environment, AWS MAP partners possess the expertise to assist you effectively.

Do You Need This?

You might have come across this article with a strong inclination to migrate to the cloud, and you are now seeking guidance on the implementation process. The information provided earlier has hopefully shed light on the matter. However, if you are still contemplating the suitability of an on-premises solution, then I encourage you to continue reading. While on-premises infrastructure may be appropriate for certain scenarios, it is essential to acknowledge the potential cost savings and business improvements that can be achieved through cloud adoption.

Developing robust systems and software is a challenging task. Established patterns and methodologies generally work effectively, but as our infrastructure and use cases evolve, so do the demands on our applications. For most use cases and workloads, migrating to the cloud proves advantageous. The cloud environment offers enhanced agility, cost efficiencies, and accelerated innovation. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule, which is why the initial step of the M.A.P. program is the "Assess" phase. AWS MAP partners possess a comprehensive understanding of the systems and applications best suited for cloud migration, ensuring the process is well-informed and optimized.


In today's dynamic landscape, cloud migration is a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to stay competitive and maximize their potential. With the guidance of AWS and its experienced partners, organizations can embark on a successful cloud migration journey that drives transformative outcomes and unlocks the full potential of cloud technology.

Post by Lucas Ward
Aug 3, 2023 1:19:00 PM


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