Monitoring the Ethereum Blockchain

As part of my journey to learn more about blockchain, I discovered I had a…
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Nov 13,2017

Tinkering for Non-Developers Part 1: Set Up Development Environment

On development teams, there are a lot of basic concepts we talk about like setting…
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Nov 10,2017

When to Use Blockchain and When Not to - What We've Learned So Far

by Rachel Gaddis and Jake Henningsgaard Blockchain is the new hotness, no doubt about it,…
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Nov 06,2017

What is Big Data?

Everybody in technology loves talking about Big Data because it is one of the new…
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Oct 27,2017

AgileDC 2017 - Agile Rises Above the Scrum

I attended the AgileDC conference this year for the first time and it was a…
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Oct 19,2017

Summer of Blockchain: Decentralization Deep Dive at Ippon

Inception You may have heard some buzz lately about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and the growing…
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Oct 17,2017

A Journey into Blockchain: Private Network with Ethereum

Rather than continue to stand on the side lines watching blockchain tech evolve, I thought…
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Oct 09,2017

Implementing Selenium Tests Into Your JHipster Application

Implementing automated web browser tests can sound intimidating at first, but the ease with which…
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Sep 22,2017

Finding the most spawned Pokemon in Pokemon GO using Spark & visualizing the Data

My colleague Justin Risch recently obtained some data from the popular game Pokemon GO. He…
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Sep 07,2017

Why Kafka Streams didn't work for us? - Part 3

This is the third and final post in this series of posts in which I…
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Aug 24,2017

Why Kafka Streams didn't work for us? - Part 2

This is the second post in this series of posts in which I explain why,…
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Aug 23,2017

Why Kafka Streams didn't work for us? - Part 1

This is a post in 3 parts in which I explain how we started a…
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Aug 22,2017

5 laws every developer should know

Laws - or principles - can give us guidance and teach us lessons from our…
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Aug 17,2017

Monolithic to Microservice: Consistency in Distributed Systems

Ah, technical debt. There’s something to be said for throwing scalability to the wind…
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Aug 11,2017

Azure Automation: Leveraging Runbooks

I've had the opportunity to build a platform to ingest 3rd party data from multiple…
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Aug 07,2017