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4 Key Things to Know About What is and Isn’t Included in the Fixed Cost of DataCloud Launch™

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When it comes to unlocking the full potential of enterprise data streams, the question for most companies is not if they should invest in the industry-leading Snowflake Data Cloud platform, but when. Companies on average achieve a three-year ROI of 612% when they implement Snowflake to transform their cloud data capabilities, according to a Forrester research study. Given statistics like these, many organizations want to start reaping the financial benefits of Snowflake as soon as they possibly can. And that means standing up Snowflake as rapidly as possible. 

For customers looking to rapidly implement Snowflake, Ippon has developed DataCloud Launch™, a fixed-cost offering that guarantees to have Snowflake Data Cloud up and running in just 10 weeks. When organizations choose our battle-tested solution, we help our clients stick with best implementation practices only, and we push back hard on scope creep. With a price tag of just $95,000, many of our clients have questions about what we do vs. don’t do for them. Let’s explore four key things we want our clients to know about what is and isn’t included in Ippon’s DataCloud Launch™ offering:

  1. We will customize Snowflake for your existing data infrastructure: Some Ippon clients think DataCloud Launch™ is a one-size-fits-all offering, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For all of our clients, Ippon takes the time to understand your specific requirements, analyze your existing data infrastructure, and develop a customized roadmap to get the most out of your transformational investment. We will work with your in-house team to identify opportunities to do things like data query optimization, data partitioning, and caching strategies. We also will define and manage roles and permissions within your Snowflake environment. Known as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), this critical step ensures that only authorized users have access to certain privileges and your data remains secure.
  2. We will thoroughly test your Snowflake instance and fix any issues identified: When clients choose a fixed-price implementation, they often ask us if there’s really room in the budget and timeline to work through inevitable hiccups and problems as they arise. Rest assured that Ippon is committed to thoroughly testing every Snowflake instance and fixing any issues identified; in fact, this all-important work is built into the DataCloud Launch™ implementation timeline. Once the initial setup is complete, our team will test data ingestion, data retrieval, and query performance. If we or any users identify any issues during this period, we are committed to fixing issues on the spot. If you identify issues after the 10-week implementation has ended, we are committed to making our experts available to you at preferred rates.
  3. We will migrate one data source to Snowflake: Given our rapid 10-week implementation timeline, DataCloud Launch™ does not include complex “net new” data transformations; we need to keep your data transformations and optimizations straightforward. Thus, we work with you to identify a single specific data source to migrate to Snowflake during DataCloud Launch™. This data source serves as a successful case study for how to optimally transform your data using Snowflake’s elegant, simple functionalities, including aggregation, filtering, and data manipulation. Where appropriate, this case study will also show you how to use Snowflake’s query optimization features, such as query profiling and query hits, to maximize the effectiveness of your data transformation.
  4. We will integrate Snowflake with your existing business intelligence tools: As part of Ippon’s commitment to integrating Snowflake into your existing data infrastructure, we also will integrate Snowflake with your preferred business intelligence tools. What this means is that you’re able to extract insights and visualize data on interfaces you’re already familiar with. That said, DataCloud Launch™ does not include the development of customized reports and dashboards; we only have time to make the connections necessary to enable you to do this step on your own.

Ippon can’t include everything in the price of our fixed-cost Snowflake Data Cloud implementation offering. But for $95,000, we will put you on a path to achieving enterprise-wide data transformation. DataCloud Launch™ includes customizing Snowflake for use on your existing data infrastructure, testing and fixing all issues we identify, migrating a single data source to Snowflake, and integrating Snowflake with your business intelligence tools. 

To learn more about how we can help you implement Snowflake rapidly and successfully, please visit

Post by Steven MacLauchlan
Feb 7, 2024 8:00:00 AM


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