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3 Key Ways We Support Our DataCloud Launch™ Customers Post-Implementation


Finding success with digital transformation initiatives is elusive for many companies. Less than 30% of digital transformation initiatives succeed at improving a company’s performance or sustaining these improvements, according to an industry analysis by McKinsey & Company. At Ippon, we don’t find that these trends hold water. Our clients succeed at digital transformation because we work strategically and proactively to set up every client for long-term success.

Ippon’s commitment to long-term client success extends to our rapid implementation DataCloud Launch™ offering, which is designed to stand up Snowflake in just 10 weeks. Sure, we will remain fully invested in our client’s success throughout the 10-week implementation. But our commitment extends far beyond that. Long after we’ve completed our DataCloud Launch™ engagement, we will be there for our clients in any way that they need us. We work to build such strong relationships and trust with our clients that we hope they know they can always count on us, even when they choose a rapid-implementation turnkey solution like DataCloud Launch™. Let’s take a closer look at three key ways that we support our DataCloud Launch™ customers post-implementation: 

  1. We correct any issues we identify: Ippon’s DataCloud Launch™ team is exceptional at identifying and preventing problems before they even have the opportunity to become problems. But when something unexpected happens that is a result of our actions, we fix it. We’re able to spot and correct the vast majority of issues during the 10-week DataCloud Launch™ implementation period, but we also won’t disappear as soon as our engagement ends. We’re committed to fixing any issues we missed that we shouldn’t have missed – no matter when our client discovers them.
  2. We will figure out a solution if you need to extend or modify the 10-week timeline: By the time we reach the midpoint of a DataCloud Launch™ implementation, our client will have a basic, functioning Snowflake environment. That means the second half of implementation is primarily spent ingesting an initial data source and providing training and support to end users. It’s during the second half of implementation that some clients discover that they need to put the brakes on completing Snowflake implementation. In these situations, our implementation team is committed to working with each client to figure out a mutually agreeable path forward. No matter what we recommend, our priority is always to act in our client’s best interests. And if our client needs more support – beyond what we’re able to provide by extending the DataCloud Launch™ implementation – we will keep dialoguing with our client to figure out how we can continue optimally supporting them.
  3. We are available at preferred rates: When some of our clients hear that we offer a fixed-price offering, they wonder if our goal is to attract them with an enticing initial offer – only to turn around and charge them a premium for any additional services they need. That’s not our goal at all. When our clients need additional support, especially post-implementation, we make ourselves available to do additional work for our clients at preferred rates. We want to have customers for life – not customers who think we might be trying to take advantage of them.

Ippon’s commitment to supporting our clients extends far beyond the lifespan of a DataCloud Launch™ implementation. We demonstrate this commitment by correcting any issues that we’re responsible for, regardless of when we identify them. We also commit to working individually with clients when they need to extend and modify their 10-week implementation timeline, and to being available to our clients for any post-implementation support they need at preferred rates. 

To learn more about the customized, post-implementation support that Ippon provides to our DataCloud Launch™ clients, please visit or contact us here.

Post by Steven MacLauchlan
May 14, 2024 7:00:00 AM


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