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4 Ways DataCloud Launch™ Adapts to Your Business Requirements


When many organizations consider a fixed-price, turnkey solution for implementing a technology solution like Snowflake Data Cloud, they assume the solution will be rigid, templated, and one-size-fits-all. As a result, they fear that the technology solution may not be well-suited to their needs. This trepidation is understandable: A 2023 survey of business decision-makers by Microsoft found that 59% of business leaders report that the technology tools they‘re using to collaborate do not align with how their teams prefer to work. The survey also found that 64% of business leaders say the tools don’t integrate with their day-to-day processes. Thus, for a turnkey solution to be effective, it needs to not only serve the organization well but also overcome widespread perceptions that turnkey solutions are inflexible.

While not every turnkey solution is as flexible as it should be, that’s certainly not true of Ippon’s DataCloud Launch™ solution. We designed our fixed-price, $95,000 offering for implementing Snowflake to ensure it can meet every organization’s unique business requirements. At every stage of the 10-week implementation timeline for DataCloud Launch™, we keep our client’s own goals and priorities for data management front and center. Let’s explore four key ways that DataCloud Launch™ adapts to every organization’s unique business requirements: 

  1. We devote the first four weeks to studying your business needs: The first four weeks of a 10-week DataCloud Launch™ implementation aren’t focused on standing up Snowflake Data Cloud itself. Instead, the first four weeks are focused on articulating and clarifying business requirements. Ippon’s expert consultants develop a masterful understanding of the project’s goals, priorities, and scope. Then, we codify these business requirements in writing in the form of a project roadmap, ensuring the subsequent stages of implementation are aligned and responsive to the project’s long-term vision for data infrastructure.
  2. You select the data that we migrate: During the 10-week DataCloud Launch™ implementation, Ippon works with every client to identify a single specific data source to migrate to Snowflake as part of DataCloud Launch™. This initial data migration serves as a key case study demonstrating how to use Snowflake’s elegant, simple functionalities with the organization’s own data – everything from aggregation and filtering to data manipulation. Significantly, the data source that we migrate is one the client chooses, based on the client’s long-term goals and needs. That means that the first use case for Snowflake is perfectly aligned with the client’s business requirements.
  3. We will integrate Snowflake with your existing data infrastructure: Because Ippon takes the time to understand each client’s business requirements, it positions us well to take a tailored approach to integrating Snowflake with the client’s existing data infrastructure. This process includes defining and managing roles and permissions – known as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – within the client’s Snowflake environment. In this way, we are customizing Snowflake to meet the client’s needs around access privileges and security.
  4. We will develop clear, tailored metrics for you to measure success: For an organization to get a strong ROI on its data investments, the organization needs to be able to quantify success. That’s why Ippon invests in working with each of our clients to develop performance metrics that allow the client to understand how Snowflake is being used and the value Snowflake is adding to the organization. These metrics necessarily need to be tailored to each organization’s goals and priorities for Snowflake.

Ippon created our fixed-cost DataCloud Launch™ offering to accelerate the time-to-value associated with Snowflake implementation. Although we adhere to best implementation practices only, our turnkey solution still adapts to your business requirements in multiple respects. We devote the first four weeks of DataCloud Launch™ to studying each organization’s unique data needs, we let our clients select the initial data source that gets ingested, we integrate Snowflake seamlessly within each client’s own data infrastructure, and we help each client develop clear, tailored metrics for measuring success.

To learn more about how we adapt our turnkey solution to optimally serve each client’s data needs and goals, please visit or contact us here.

Post by Steven MacLauchlan
March 5, 2024